Freelancing Principles

Here I am listing my personal experience which might help others to secure a freelance work.

I started doing freelancing for the past 6 months and I am a full-stack developer.

I took freelance work seriously (as I was almost fired from full-time job) and started applying for freelance partime jobs.

Below are principles followed while applying for jobs.

  • Be specific on the job profile : I was very specific while applying for job profile that client was looking.
  • Discuss about the problem statement : In job application, you don't give any generic message, instead read full requirements and co-relate with your work experience and mention your previous experience.
  • Create confidence to the client : In most cases if you follow the previous step correctly, the client would comeback to you. During the discuss make your client comfortable in working with you by offering him to comeup with a PoC and then proceed with feature implementation. This may not work all the times but it give confirence to the client.
  • Daily update to client on the process : You have to keep your client informed about your progress and update him daily (in most cases) like a standup in agile scrum process.
  • Ask for feedback on your work and improvements : As for client feedback while giving demo and be proactive on incorporating the changes.

    By following principles I was able to secure many clients and mostly repeated ones. And I am one of the top-rated freelancer in Upwork with 100% job-success rate.

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